Friday, April 11, 2008

How about those Jayhawks?!

Man, what a game! I couldn’t sit down the last fifteen minutes and was blown away when Memphis started missing free throws which, “hadn’t been a problem,” throughout the tournament according to coach Calipari.

I think I sent nearly 300 text messages during the game to friends, especially Steve, a fellow KU alum who, like I, was there in ’88 when they won. We were analyzing, making remarks about the dunks, slams, lack of fouling, the shooting drought that KU went through in the second half…and then the shot! HOLY CRAP! I was looking at it again on YouTube and didn’t realize that Collins was running, dishing the ball to Chalmers, and fell and Mario still had the capacity to dribble the ball once and take the shot.

Video (check out 0:59)

I was elated with the clips from Lawrence and stories and that we were finally the best again. After all the years of playing in pools and picking KU to go far but not wanting to be stupid, they did it. I didn’t win any money but going into the weekend it was all about my heart and the possible joy of what was to come. The scary thing is I’m thinking during both games that it’s not going to happen but there’s a sliver of chance. The icing on the cake was Bill Self’s announcement yesterday that he’s staying. Hopefully the university will have a chance to name a building after him when the dynasty is over and there are six more championship banners hanging from the rafters.

If we were to play Memphis 10 times maybe we’d split the games 5-5 but what I always like to say at the beginning of March is “Give me six straight wins…that’s all I want.”

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